Cravens Barn

For our second project on this property, we transformed an existing 1850’s dairy barn into a seasonal retreat adjacent to the main farmhouse. Sliding glass doors enclose a living room and dining space with an open-air porch under the main roof. A new Ipe deck extends into the landscape providing another option for gathering and viewing. Bedrooms are on upper level as well as main, with a small pantry and bathroom. This pastoral campus in Delaware country is served by solar panels and a geothermal field.

Dune Road

Situated along the north side of an ocean road, this new house is sited to take full advantage of the view of the adjacent wetlands and Mecox Bay.  The infinity edge pool is designed as part of the raised wood deck to the rear, and full height glass window walls afford an uninterrupted vista from the dining and living rooms on the main floor and master bedroom and bath on the upper floor.

Song Zhuang A10

One of two “villas” we designed for the art district of Song Zhuang north of Beijing, the Split House is organized around a masonry wall that both bisects and envelops the main forms of the house. “The Wall” creates two separately glazed forms: the street-side façade of the translucent box constructed of fritted glass contains the private spaces (bedrooms); the transparent box with a clear glass façade projecting over the enclosed garden contains the public elements.

The Wall is perforated with windows to light the bedrooms and allow views out while also serving as a screen. Larger window openings in The Wall allow views into vertical circulation spaces. The garden, a continuation of the public spaces, is tied into the main form of the house by engaging The Wall as a growing wall that extends the garden vertically.

Song Zhuang A5

One two “villas” we designed as part of a ten villa complex for art collectors in the art district of Song Zhuang north of Beijing, + House is organized around two intersecting axes: the short axis establishes the entry courtyard void connecting the street to the sunken garden, and the long axis acts as the circulation spine for the organization of the floors above.

In section, the interior and exterior spaces of the house are interconnected, providing unexpected views and visual connections between spaces of varying scale and height. The scale and proportions of the interior spaces work as both gallery and house, thus embracing the intersection of art and living.

The exterior facades feature pre-cast and colored concrete panels, Corten steel and various clear and translucent glass windows and window walls.

O’Connor Townhouse

Our renovation of this five-story Upper West Side townhouse focused on preserving, restoring and recreating the rich, historical features of the house while producing more free-flowing spaces to accommodate the family’s contemporary lifestyle. As we changed the original plan and opened up each of the five floors, roof-top penthouse and cellar, we also meticulously incorporated the original range of decorative details and materials throughout.

To allow natural light to fill the house, we redesigned the central staircase and installed a new skylight the full length of the stairwell. We also enlarged the rear façade windows and added a penthouse garden room opening to a new roof deck.

Palazzo Chupi

For this mixed-use condominium project in Greenwich Village developed by the artist Julian Schnabel, we added nine full floors to an existing three-story commercial building. Working closely with Mr. Schnabel’s vision, and integrating the early twentieth-century design vocabulary of Addison Mizner, we created a unique blend of stylistic influences: traditional arch-headed windows and doors, cast stone detailing and traditional stucco facades.

The final project includes five luxury residential condominiums (two single-floor units, two duplexes, and a triplex) with spacious terraces, two floors of artist studios, a parking garage and a swimming pool with hammam for residents. Distinctive features of the residential units include ceiling heights approaching 20 feet in the duplex living rooms and master bedrooms, full-length terraces, custom door, and window hardware, custom wood paneling and hand-made tiles.